Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lone Survivor

I've been reading this amazing book called Lone Survivor. Its about a four-man Navy SEAL team consisting of Lt. Michael Murphy, and petty officers Danny navy seals in afghanistan, lone survivorDietz, Matthew Axelson and Marcus Luttrell. They departed for a reconnaissance mission high in the Hindu Kush Mountains near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The team’s target was Ahmad Shah, a local terrorist leader with close ties to Bin Laden who led a group of insurgents referred to as the “Mountain Tigers”. Five days after insertion, Luttrell was the only SEAL to make it out alive. This book takes you inside the Navy SEALs training program in Coronado. You are with Marcus Luttrell throughout BUD/S and Hell Week. You fly with him and his teammates in a C-130 to the Hindu Kush, where the hunt begins for bin Laden's right-hand man. But then it all goes terribly wrong, up there in the mountains of Afghanistan. The battle sequence in Afghanistan and its aftermath is incredibly intense . The best screen writer in Hollywood couldn't have dreamt up something more intense, moving, and awe inspiring.

Reading this fills one with humility and gratitude for the sacrifice that all the members of our armed services make on our behalf, but especially for the men of the SEAL teams. All I can say is that I am very glad they are on our side.

Ballard Rocks

I've been working with the high school ministry for Cornerstone Church now for 3 years, and things keep getting better. God is using me in some sweet ways. What I do has changed from being the freshman group intern to a Regional Youth Minister for Ballard. These students are amazing. At the last escape we had 35 students from Ballard at it, and we brought 48 students to the Road Rally. What is the road rally you ask. It was an hour and half event with a BBQ that had the students get in teams of 4 (plus a leader) drive all a round the area doing challenges to earn points. Team with the most points won a all expense paid ski trip. The winning team was a team from Ballard. We kicked some butt.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lindsey's Fashion Design

New dresses Lindsey's made.
Brieana, (on the left) a girl in Lindsey's small group is also wearing a dress Lindsey made.
The other dress Lindsey made at her internship.

Homemade Donuts

Crispy Cream Who? Yeah I know. Crispy Cream isn't as
big anymore, but they inspired Lindsey and I to make some donuts. Rolling out freshly risen dough as the deep fat frier of oil heats. There's something magical about the doughnut.